Turn it off, and you’ll get a 15 percent performance improvement. Make sure to check out the article for other minor improvement options. Not support to bypass Google account verification lock. 3 steps to unlock Android phone without any professional knowledge.

As a result, you are mostly stuck on the screen, and the game wouldn’t proceed. Once you are done updating Windows 10, now you shall also Validate files through Steam. This method is highly effective as it’ll automatically detect the files that are missing from the game directory.

How To: Add A Sleep Timer To Any Music Player On Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Certainly, some readers might be using a different launcher or have something else in mind which makes sense. Do let us know which one your favorite launcher is. My personal favorite is Nova Launcher and I have been using it for quite a while. It had everything to offer and it is the most stable Android Launcher.

  • Want to get a new phone for your dad for Father’s Day?
  • In this step-by-step fix guide, we’ll talk about all the various problems.
  • When enabled, you can long press any item of the interface and the phone will read aloud the item or its description.
  • All of this can be done from the Default Apps section of the Settings app.

For information about attaching to a remote process, such as debugging a process in a Docker container, see the Pipe transport settings article. Server-started pattern to look for in the debug server output. The C/C++ extension enables debugging dump files on Windows and core dump files Linux and OS X. The command to execute after the debugger is fully set up in order to cause the target process to run. Allowed values are “exec-run”, “exec-continue”, “None”. Sets the working directory of the application launched by the debugger.

Nova Launcher 101: How To Add Any Widget To Android Oreo’s Expanded Dock

To enable swipe actions on any app icon, press hold on an app icon in the home screen and tap on “Edit“. If you are using Android 7.1, you might have to tap “Icon options” and then, “Edit” because you are first presented with the app shortcuts. By visiting this page, you can open some applications of your phones with direct one click. You can set password, pattern lock on the phone with one click. Open the application, you will go to the Home screen. Open the browser Apex Launcher od the same page from where you have downloaded the application and go to the Google Account Manager.

How To Hide Apps On Android Devices Beginner

GeForce GTX 1060 will have 4-8GB RAM, will offer affordable VR gamingNVIDIA’s mid-range GeForce GTX 1060 is expected to be one of the best price/performance video cards for VR gaming. Netflix launches speed test siteNetflix’s new site offers simple speed test for users everywhere on everything. IOS 9.3.2 update lets you use Night Shift and Low Power Mode togetherNight Shift, Low Power Mode can now be used simultaneously on iOS 9 devices thanks to update. Crytek expands its VR First education program, adds 6 new universitiesCrytek’s VR First initiative expands, with the game developer adding 6 new universities into the VR mix. Samsung’s next-gen Galaxy S8 to feature RGB display, and moreSamsung’s new Galaxy S8 smartphone should be quite the upgrade, with an RGB display and more.