Despite their insufficient reasonable lifestyle, dimensional domain names convey plenty of meaningful information regarding physical, intellectual, and you can religious reality

Due to this fact, he’s really worth detail by detail investigation and study. Here are a few of the things the genuine CoDD investigation off TDVP reveals from the dimensional domains:

E. Schwartz and Meters

Within the domain names having 1 using step 3 size, ranges is counted, and phenomena is actually demonstrated, when it comes to integer multiples regarding Genuine (quantum equivalence equipment) of your own CoDD. Nonetheless should be measured and you can described regarding integer multiples from fictional quantity in the domain names having cuatro because of 6 proportions, along with regards to integer multiples off certain state-of-the-art wide variety, referred to as nth origins from unity, during the domains having seven or higher size. So it unitary move from integers to imaginary quantity, in order to complex amounts is actually statistically necessary for a frequent quantized dysfunction of one’s rotation and you will projection of geo-centric dimensional domains on hyper-dimensional domains. Proof of this is seemingly straight-submit using the CoDD and you will applying of brand new Pythagorean Theorem. The Proof, interpreted on the antique effortless statistical notation, could have been typed heated affairs in several courses and you can documents, many of which try listed in a couple of blogposts: References . We phone call the procedure of rotation and inflatable projection from 1 dimensional domain toward second one to, Dimensional Extrapolation as it shows how both awareness and you may real facts grow.

Last year, the initial CoDD studies I did, having fun with Genuine quantum arithmetic, were to define in more detail the combination out of quarks to make protons, the fresh new sub-nuclear organizations you to definitely, and electrons, means all the secure foundations of your own absolute facets of unexpected desk. The thing i found, is actually shocking, even in the event something like it has to was basically asked from the minute I provided understanding on concept of the fundamental huge difference of your own first calculus into the 1986 to possess software during the quantum level regarding actual truth. One discovery is actually the clear presence of numerous incidents out of True units regarding low-physical gimmel in the middle away from bodily facts, an unignorable sign away from consciousness – practically the new fingerprints off Jesus popping up into most plentiful stable target of one’s real market, the new proton. Select footnotes in reality Begins with Understanding, Neppe and you may Personal (2011) and my personal part in the AAPS Volume We, earliest version titled Was Understanding First? Edited of the Drs G.

Triadic Rotational Gadgets of Equivalence (TRUE) is actually outlined by the size and quantity of the fresh new free electron, tying this new quantum math of the CoDD so you’re able to real facts, and Dimensional Extrapolation are a statistical procedure analogous into the conscious course, by the rotation and you may projection, away from a keen letter-dimensional domain name into the an letter+step 1 dimensional website name. The look of gimmel regarding the CoDD Genuine study of your blend of two-up-quarks and another down-quark to form a beneficial proton, also connections the analysis so you’re able to consciousness, delivering a basis for the integration out of understanding, spirituality, and you may real reality.

H. Woollacott (2019)

Dimensional domains are geometrical patterns one to originate throughout the logical build from awareness while having no life of their own. A website is placed from the number of size necessary to determine they, nevertheless level of size while the extent ones dimensions are entirely determined by this new domain’s blogs regarding size, energy, and you can gimmel. In operate to spell it out relativistic effects, physicists and research writers usually explain area or spacetime getting distorted, curved, or altered because of the size. But there is zero including matter just like the bent otherwise distorted area, time, spacetime, otherwise people hyper-dimensional part. Curvilinear pathways out of swinging stuff are due to the newest shipments away from new density out-of material within this a website. This is actually what is actually understood in the progressive physics because a good field.