And you can dimensional domains is actually of great interest primarily perhaps not on account of what he could be, but what they could have

That is complete having fun with Fermat’s style of unlimited origin translated for the mathematical notation of the CoDD

The fresh new conversation of dimensions is to in reality end up being regarding dimensional domain names, maybe not throughout the proportions, just like the one measurement alone is worthless beyond are region of a clinical build having observance and dimensions. Starting with the fresh mathematicalogical invariants found in the relationships amongst the basic five dimensional domain names regarding area and you can big date, the new triadic invariances off dimensionality should be tracked upward on the dimensional domain name of the littlest quantum from truth on logical designs out-of consciousness, otherwise down in the analytical habits away from awareness, returning to the dimensions of time and room. Pick Transcendental Physics, Romantic (1997)

Identifying the fresh statistical operations of number one quantum calculus regarding dimensional variations is actually an elaborate task, nevertheless the underlying metaphysical basis of your calculus and the resulting structure away from facts one to its app suggests, will likely be described in simple English:

Fact as we feel they, consists of quantized signs of your substance regarding facts for the about three forms: mass, time, and you will awareness-as-articles. Bulk try squeezed time, when it comes to quantized vortexes spinning in the about around three size, measured by the fuel of the inertia (effectiveness motion). Energy is a compressed type of awareness, mentioned of the their quantized force, comparable because of the a multiplicative grounds, to the quantized inertia out-of bulk. Quantized understanding (gimmel) ‘s the basic manifestation of new conscious essence regarding facts in the brand new physical world, and it is ready expansion together with conveyance regarding habits of your own analytical construction regarding ohlala coupon Number 1 Consciousness, the brand new substrate off reveal fact, into bodily facts.

Space, time, and you may aware the amount are the about three different dimensional domains created by the lifetime out-of quantized bulk, times, and mindful articles. Please find, with what was only told you a lot more than, you to consciousness plays an option role regarding the extension away from one another posts and you will extent. It’s in this way that living bacteria was produced by No. 1 Awareness for the intended purpose of operating once the auto contained in this and this quantized awareness is also expand from the self-energy on the bare focus on notice or any other, in order to Cosmic Consciousness, the complete awareness of everything you, and additionally First Understanding alone.

Dimensions are simple geometrical axioms. He is upright outlines, created with regards to symbolizing the region and you can the amount from observable phenomena about place away from an ostensibly arbitrary source area picked by an aware observer. Nevertheless the resource section is not really random; it stands for the latest observer’s private place, according to the feeling of separation out of observable phenomena, projected outside of the observer’s awareness on to a layer away from report while the zero point of an analogue make of the fresh new observer’s individual physique from site on dimensional domain name out of his life regarding the bodily fact out-of their experience. You may have to see you to again understand all of the term, however it is an extremely in depth malfunction of the extremely effortless concept of venue.

An enthusiastic n-dimensional website name was a community of great interest and concentrate regarding a mindful observer, discussed by the quantity of the proportions therefore the stuff regarding the spot thus discussed. During the a site regarding several proportions, the latest dimensional traces is actually created within 90-education bases regarding both. The option of ninety-education angle separation out-of dimensions is not random otherwise random. It’s chose since it results in the tiniest amount of straight-line cardinal size equally separating a group and you may a world. Virtually any angle away from breakup renders quantification and you may visualization of your facts depicted alot more tough. Traces intersecting at 90 values have been called orthogonal traces.